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Tyrone Landsberg

Tyrone Landsberg


Tyrone Landsberg has extensive qualifications in various fields, including injection moulding and vacuum pack manufacturing. He holds a qualification in Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation, including operations and technical. Tyrone has been working as a technical manager in the medical device industry for 9 years, including SAMD, Manta Forensic and Steri Solutions SA, where he is currently the operations manager for the entire ETO plant.

Tyrone has extensive experience in all aspects of the plant, including operations, logistics, sterilisation and software management and is able to advise on validation protocol

Funanani Matumba

Funanani Matumba


Funanani Matumba holds a B. Tech degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences as well as a N.D in Biotechnology from Tshwane University of Technology. She started her career as a Research Assistant in the pharmaceutical industry and later joined a vaccine production company as a Production Team Leader.

She has been working as a quality assurance professional in the medical device industry for over three years. Before being promoted as the QA Manager for Priontex and Steri Solutions SA, she was the QA Specialist at Priontex.

Selwyn Kahanovit

Selwyn Kahanovitz


Selwyn holds a B. Pharm degree from Rhodes University as well as a Masters in Business Science from the Witwatersrand University.

He held the position of Group Chief Executive Officer of Litha Healthcare Group Limited from May 2010 until June 2015 when Endo International plc, successfully acquired the company. Previously, he held the long standing position of CEO to Litha Healthcare Holdings and The Biovac Institute.