About the Kahma Group

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world class quality standards

Steri Solutions SA has established, documented, implemented and is committed to continuously maintaining and improving the effectiveness of their ISO 13485 (Medical devices: Quality management systems – Requirements for regulatory purposes), ISO 11135 (Sterilization of health-care products: Ethylene oxide – 

Requirements for the development, validation and routine control of a sterilisation process for medical devices) a quality management system in accordance with the standard requirements and ISO 10993-7: Biological evaluation of medical devices — Part 7: Ethylene oxide sterilisation residuals.


our state of the art facility includes

  • Steri Solutions SA has all the equipment required for loading, off-loading and handling as well as for quality controlling each and every run.
  • Installation of four preconditioning rooms ensures customer product is pre-conditioned to the required temperature before EO sterilisation commences.
  • Our Ethylene Oxide steriliser is thirty cubic meters in size, one of the largest in South Africa.
  • The sterilisation plant and process has been completely validated and custom validations can be done as requested.
  • We have adequate storage space for sterilised products.
  • All staff are continuously trained and maintain a high level of competence and safety, this includes the use of the correct PPE equipment for our application.

our service

  • Steri Solutions SA can provide a validated and efficient Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation service its customers.
  • All parameters for each run are logged and remotely monitored real time.
  • Our 96-hour turnaround times ensure that the EO sterilisation process was completed satisfactorily, which is then accompanied by Certificate of Conformance (CoC).